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Terrascope Appraisal was founded by Washington State Certified Residential Appraiser, Michael Eachus. Appraising residential properties in the Puget Sound Area since 1998, Michael Eachus has earned a solid reputation among seasoned professionals in the mortgage industry and among Real Estate Professionals as being honest, down to earth, ethical, educated, easy to work with, and able to handle any residential property appraisal with quick response. Michael Eachus continues to seek education beyond the basics necessary for certification renewal.

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Chief Appraiser

Contact Us 206.406.7419Michael Eachus holds a BFA degree from the California College of the Arts with a double major in painting and ceramics, graduating with high distinction in painting and distinction in ceramics. His background in the arts exposed Michael to various skills and disciplines leading to appraising. As an art student, Michael visited and worked at several venues, including production studios of furniture design, textiles, and glass blowing. At a young age, Michael had already developed a keen eye for detail, recognizing quality and value.

The various jobs held by Michael over the years during and following college provided specific skills that eventually opened doors to appraising. From cataloging inventory in a warehouse to assisting in the building of custom travelling trade show booths, Michael has continually assessed his skill base, targeting his strongest assets and then using these skills to build on one another as stepping stones to a career in residential real estate appraisal.

Office Staff

Terrascope Appraisal is a family owned business. Penny Eachus (Michael’s wife) handles all of the administrative tasks and keeps the business humming along like a fine-tuned machine. When you hire Terrascope Appraisal, you are supporting a local husband and wife team. We care about our clients and our services are tailored to fit each client’s individual needs.

Green Building and Green Business

Michael Eachus has taken several Green Building courses through reputable educators and is continually updating his knowledge base to keep up to date with this new and changing industry. Green Building can employ construction techniques that surpass the minimum building code requirements and ensure energy savings from the start of the construction process through the life-span of the structure. Few real estate professionals realize the importance of Green Building technology in the real estate market; home owners understand month-to-month savings can add up over the lifetime of ownership, possibly off-setting a slightly higher initial investment of a Green Built home. Properly constructed Green Built homes offer more comfortable living environments, heating and cooling more evenly while protecting your home from the natural elements. Energy conservation is often an important aspect through the perspective of a buyer and, in some cases, can be a driving factor when deciding on a home purchase. As energy costs increase, the desire to conserve energy seems to become more important.

Terrascope Appraisal keeps electronic records and delivers all finished assignments electronically, eliminating the need for extra paper. We reduce paper use on a daily basis. We recycle the paper we use and all other recyclable office materials, reducing waste and running more efficient.

Coverage Area

I have been appraising real estate since 1998. During the past ten years, I have appraised properties in King, Pierce, and Snohomish Counties. I frequently provide appraisal services in Seattle. With over a decade of experience, I have gained a high level of competency in a wide area of services. I stay local so you can trust that Terrascope Appraisal has the knowledge and experience to provide accurate and dependable appraisal results.


"Michael has been my #1 appraiser for the last several years. Without exception he has been fast, dependable and an overall pleasure to work with. In a changing market, he has been extremely helpful in accurately assessing current values and helping me understand how he came up with his numbers. I work with many different banks, and not one has EVER questioned one of his appraisals – a true testament to the quality of his work. "
-Ruby Grynberg
Salmon Bay Community Lending

"I have been a client of Michael Eachus for years and I've never had a lender question his reporting. I have been more than satisfied with his level of service and fast turn times."
-Jovelyn Agbalog, Loan Originator

"I want to thank you for being such an amazing person to work with. You have taught me an enormous amount and you are always fun to work with. Countless times I have been complemented on your work and the way that you treat my clients. Every time this happens my response is that "Michael is one of the best people that I have met through business.” "
-M. Brandon Ehrlich, Loan Originator

"We have had a lot of FHA transactions and due to Michael’s diligence he has been added to our in house approved appraiser list for both Conventional and FHA transactions. We monitor our list carefully and take pride in having “the best of the best” on our list. As the largest Mortgage Banker in King County this is no small feat. We are pleased to have him and it is a great fit. "
-Sheila Bryan, Loan Originator

"I can’t say enough good things about Michael Eachus. I have worked exclusively with Michael for the past two years. He is always prompt and reliable. I always feel confident when I know that Michael will be meeting with my clients and realtors. I would recommend Michael without hesitation!"
-Jeanne Neal
Salmon Bay Community Lending

"Michael is very knowledgeable about what to look for and what FHA and Fannie Mae require. His attention to the details of the condition of the house is always consistent. He always provides quality information and addresses any deficiencies he finds in the condition of the property. "
-Laura Unruh, Loan Originator

"You won’t find anyone more passionate, well educated master of his craft than Michael. His approach combines high integrity, expert knowledge and personable service. He provides quick turn-around too. If you’re looking for a stellar home appraiser or someone to professional measure square footage, look no further.”"
-Brad Davis, Real Estate Agent

"Michael is the absolute best! His turnaround time is the fastest there is. He is responsive, thorough and always accessible. He is always willing to go the extra mile for me, whether it entails a long drive for a client or additional time to talk me through his thought process. I would not use anyone else!"
Salmon Bay Community Lending