Other Pros

Construction/Remodel Projects

For contractors, builders, and home owners planning a major remodel, addition to an existing home, or new construction on a vacant lot, a professional appraisal will aid in the decision making process by providing an estimate of value based on the completed project (per plans, builder’s specs, and materials lists) as well as an “as is” value estimate of the current value of the property.

The appraisal becomes integrated in the process when considering the cost of the project versus the value of the completed project. The projected value of a proposed construction project is referred to as “subject to” completion. The appraiser will revisit the property once it has been completed to verify it is complete in accordance with the information provided at the time of the original valuation; once verified, the appraiser will certify that the estimated value is valid.

Terrascope Appraisal recognizes that an appraiser’s sound reasoning is essential to any construction process and performs careful in-depth appraisals to assist our clients when making complex decisions.

Real Estate Agents and Investors

A network of professionals in related fields of work affords an invaluable wealth of information and services. Terrascope Appraisal provides several services catered to the needs of professional Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Investors as well as other professionals requiring expert value related services.

From pre-measuring homes for Real Estate Agents to performing rental analyses for investors, Terrascope Appraisal accommodates the many needs of a variety of professionals. Terrascope Appraisal can also offer referrals of such professionals and services when appropriate.